What if an ASAP event involves a Rule 32 violation?

ASAP being a confidential program does not have jurisdiction over claims of harassment/discrimination, or American Airlines’ Rule 32 violations. In the event an ASAP submission contains a claim of harassment/discrimination, or AA Rule 32 violation, the following procedures will be applied:

(1) A certified letter will be sent to the submitter regarding the proper method to file a claim of harassment/discrimination or AA’s Rule 32 violations.

(2) The safety/FAR violation event will be presented to the ERC; the investigation will not address the element of harassment/discrimination, or AA’s Rule 32 violation, but will focus specifically on the safety/FAR violation event.

The administrative procedure does not change or modify the MOU acceptance criteria, but provides ASAP the vehicle to address safety issues with harassment allegations without violating AMR’s Harassment Policy.

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