What criteria does the ERC use to determine the acceptance of a report into the ASAP program?

• Participation is limited to American Airlines employees assigned to duties by American Airlines and to events occurring while acting in that capacity.

• ASAP event forms must be filled out completely including home address, telephone number and detailed summary of issue.

• The individual must voluntarily make initial notification of the event through one of the submission methods as soon as possible, but no more than 24 hours after the time of the event. If a report is submitted later than 24 hours after the occurrence of the event, the ERC will review all available information to determine whether the employee knew or should have known about the possible violation within 24 hours of its occurrence. If the employee knew or should have known about the apparent violation, then the report will not be included in ASAP. Otherwise, it will be included in ASAP, provided all other ASAP acceptance criteria have been met. For sole source reports that are solicited by the ERC because an event raises significant safety issues and it is essential to obtain this additional information to gain an understanding of the event, the ERC may waive the above criteria of this paragraph. Sole source reports obtained on this basis will be accepted under ASAP, provided all other acceptance criteria are met.

• The alleged regulatory violation must be inadvertent and must not appear to involve an intentional disregard for safety, gross negligence, or reckless behavior.

• The reported event must not appear to involve criminal activity, substance abuse, controlled substances, alcohol, or intentional falsification.

• The reporting employee must respond to ERC requests for additional information in a timely manner and comply with the corrective recommendations of the ERC, thereby demonstrating a constructive behavior toward complying with the regulations.

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